About Us

Show-Me Twister fence tool was designed by farmers for farmers. We know how busy farmers’ lives are and how much time it takes to keep a farm up and running. None of us want to spend more valuable time than necessary installing and securing T-post fence clips on barbed wire fences.

After spending countless tiring hours fighting with the installation of T-post clips we thought, “There has got to be a better way!” After many hours of inventing, testing, and yes failing, attempting to solve this problem, we finally came up with a quick and easy solution. That’s where Show-Me Twister fence tool began.

Numerous farmers have volunteered to give the Show-Me Twister fence tool a try. Many went into the trial test being pessimistic thinking there couldn’t be something that would cut down on installation time plus be so easy to use. We are happy to say they have all come back with rave reviews for the Show-Me Twister fence tool. Many have shared with us that they can’t imagine ever working on their fences without their Show-Me Twister. *Disclaimer: No farmer was harmed in the testing of our product. 🙂

We know many of you have expressed the advantage of purchasing several Show-Me Twisters providing one for each person on your fencing crew. The Show-Me Twister fence tool can cut your labor cost down substantially. We believe you will be amazed when you calculate cost of labor without our tool vs the time and money saved by using the Show-Me Twister tool when installing your T-post clips.

We are so excited to share this amazing tool with you! We sincerely believe the Show-Me Twister will cut hours off of your workload allowing more time for family and other activities. Give us a call if you have any questions whatsoever. We will look forward to hearing from you.

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